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The Holy Family is the realisation of a New form of Love. The Church invites us to celebrate the feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. As we consider this mystery, we learn to live in a family and to welcome God’s Mystery amongst us. God alone knows the full depth of the Mystery of (...)

God’s Life : a Gift revealed to us.

The Holy Family : Wisdom for our own families.

We give thanks to Jesus, the One Who saves us.

If we welcome Jesus, we go to the Father.

On this Feast of Christmas we are given once more to contemplate the Face of humanity. Jesus gives back to us this new countenance. St. Luke’s gospel remains discreet concerning Jesus’ Birth. We see Joseph and Mary travelling like many others, in search of a refuge in a difficult world. Yet the given circumstances might have caused a few stirs, for a woman was about to give birth ! « Now, whilst they were there, the time came for her to give birth. » ; « In the nearby fields were some shepherds who were spending the night there, keeping their sheep. » These shepherds came from different horizons yet had one thing in common : a great poverty, which had led them to keep sheep in order to be of service to their owners. Here was a « gathering » of impoverished people whose lives had been reduced to minding flocks of sheep. It helps, nonetheless , to get back to nature : a simple and poor life can contribute to a healing of each others’ wounds when this is lived out with others and when these wounds are accepted. Then together there is a chance of pulling through, and of becoming stronger and capable of moving forward. Walking at the rhythm of the stars, at the rhythm of the weather, alongside this impoverishment , made these shepherds open to the language coming from Heaven, open just as much to this than they were to the language of nature and of each others’ language.

The angel of the Lord appeared and the Glory of the Lord envelopped them with God’s Light and they were siezed with great fear. « But the angel said to them : » Do not be afraid ! I have come to bring you Good Tidingsof Gteat Joy for all nations. " Don’t let’s forget that we are in the City of David and that it was first of all to here that God wanted to speak to. Nevertheless it was to shepherds, watching in their fields at night, to these poor people, that the angels came to shout forth the Joy of Heaven !

God wants us to be filled with His gifts. He wants to give us all we need, eveything we expect from Him.

« I come to bring you tidings of great Joy to all nations on earth. To-day a Saviour is born for you in the City of David ; He is the Messiah, and here is the sign which is given to you : you shall see a baby, lying in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes. »

Angels still sing the Glory of God and of this Peace given back to mankind. These shepherds, open to God’s Voice, were able to find a human face once more.They start off on the journey towards this Child, and what do they find ? The face of a woman, Mary, who is Immaculate. In her being lies the whole expectancy of the human race of believers. She is the memory of the whole of the univers which is waiting, and God gave way to this desire. Already this desire was contained in God. Joseph’s face is also present for the shepherds to contemplate. Joseph is slightly different , for he is not shining with Light, even so, his face had taken on a different form thanks to the shining face of the Immaculate one. As their two faces lean over the Infant Jesus, their faces are illuminated by Him. They are « man and woman » created in the image and ressemblance of God. As Mary and Joseph contemplate this little Child, they are truely contemplating the Living God.The Infant Jesus’ gaze is a call to go beyond the world ; it awakens what is most intimate within one’self. The shepherds can begin to understand how the angels can sing out before them, that their waiting brought their arrival. « Glory to God ! »

God’s Infinite Love passes through humanity, through this humanity breathing God. This tiny Infant is at the image of the invisible God, an effigy of His very subtance. In Him shines forth the power of the all-Powerful One, the « God of armies » had become a tiny little child. The shepherds could now understand how a troop of the heavenly host appeared praising God : « Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His people on earth ! » We can see the people who had walked in darkness rise up, a great light was given to them. But how many are still in the country of darkness.

Henceforth, the shepherds’ hearts are changed. What a long journey they had undertaken ! From now on a new humanity is proclaimed, one in which the face of the child, of humanity, rediscovers its meaning and its origins. As the gap in our world between the rich and the poor grows wider, how much we must try to bring hope to our people and pay back debts. We must try to find our youthfulness again , find once more the brightness of the Infant Jesus : re-clothe his Face, but even more so clothe ourselves in His feelings and clothe ourselves with all that which this Infant Child bears in His Heart for His Heavenly father. In Him we find His reflection : God is younger than youth, since He is the Author of all things created.

Let us ask for te grace to be enriched with such a Heavenly Light. may this New Love be the making of our whole life. And may the Word of God enlighten us, so leading us to the first gift we are to ask for on this Christmas night, that is, the gift of ourselves. During this new year, we have to very often make this loving decision deep down in our hearts : Jesus, have me contemplate your face ! Jesus, tell me what lies in your Heart ! Jesus, show me your Ways.

Going back to Jesus’ origins.

Becoming a Spring of Life for the Church with the Holy Spirit. Each day we can see with the life of the Saints how much Jesus is our God-given Source of Life.We have each and every one of us to take to heart what the Holy Spirit says in our hearts, so that the Christian community will always (...)

Living with Jesus in the Heart of the Love of he Father.

The best service we can render to France is if by remaining faithful to our faith.

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